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Our Technicians are trained to administer ThermalPestEradication to both commercial and residential structures. One of the unique qualities of ThermalPestEradication is that you can treat only part of a structure while keeping the rest of the building fully functional. This partial structure treatment is accomplished through the use of special tarps and Mylar ducting that directs and traps heat where only it’s needed.

Bed bug populations are increasing at an alarming rate. ProChem ProActive is a bed bug prevention program developed to insure a bed bug free environment.

ProChem ProActive will:

  • Sweep for all bed bugs and their eggs.
  • Eliminate all current bed bug infestations.
  • Apply top rated, non-bed bug resistant, residual pesticides.
  • Educate homeowners and staff on bed bug awareness and prevention.
  • Guarantee our service.

ProChem ProActive is a one year program. ProChem Experts will determine the service intervals best suited for your home or facility.

The ProActive program also offers facilities the ability to certify the property Bed Bug Free. For more information on ProChem ProActive and/or the certification process, please contact or call 866-674-7779 for the sales office.

ProChem ProActive uses only the highest quality heaters to kill bed bugs.  All ProChem heaters are purchased from  Convectex has combined the science of thermal convection and many years of experience in bedbug heat treatments and control to provide clients with bed bug heat products that they can count on to manage Bed Bugs effectively.