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How Heat Treatment Works

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The ThermalPestEradication Bed Bug Extermination technique is deceivingly simple at first glance. Bed Bugs die at temperatures around 120 degrees Fahrenheit, if exposed to those temperatures for an adequate length of time. In the face of the Las Vegas or Northern Arizona summers, this doesn’t seem like much, given the temperatures the inside of a car can see on a hot summer day. However, humans like to keep their homes air-conditioned, and Bed Bugs thrive at the temperatures we most enjoy ourselves – 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. To raise the temperature of a house to the temperatures required to kill bed bugs requires specialized equipment – Propane or Electric heaters, ducting, and electric blowers to ensure every surface of the home reaches temperatures sufficient to kill Bed Bugs without pesticides or toxic chemicals.

The ThermalPestEradication system we use is specifically designed to kill Bed Bugs safely and quickly.

The heating process is completely safe, hot air guided into the home with flexible ducting and circulated by industrial-strength blowers – large fans that channel the hot air where it’s needed to ensure even temperatures and complete bed bug eradication. After the treatment is complete, cleanup begins, removing the dead bed bugs and destroyed bed bug eggs to help remove any possible allergens as well as to prevent bed bugs from returning should any have survived.

This system is so effective, it was even used on the Discovery Channel show Verminators, where they decided the only solution to bed bugs was the ThermalPestEradication system. For more information about how heat works and how you can DIY, check out Rent Bed Bug Heaters and rent a professional heating system and kill bed bugs yourself.