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Heat Treatment Efficiency

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So how does using Heat to Eradicate Bed Bugs Work?

A simple process with dramatic results.

Non-toxic thermal pest control treatment works by raising the temperatures of an affected area to a level that is proven to kill Bed Bugs and other insects, such as scorpions and spiders.

Heater Dryers

Bed Bug Heater

Bed Bug Heater








Propane Heaters

ProChem Propane Heaters

ProChem Heaters

Used to treat homes and large areas.

Clean, dry heat is directed into a contained area or structure through flexible Mylar ducting. The room air temperature is slowly raised to a safe “sauna-like temperature” that is lethal to the targeted organism. Temperatures in the range of 140-150ºF for about one hour prove fatal to many of the critters that cohabitate our buildings. Most importantly, bed bugs die at this temperature in short order and in any form, from eggs to mature adults.




Electric Heaters

Prochem Electric Heater

Prochem Electric Heater


Used to treat hotel rooms and enclosed areas of infestation.

Temperature probes accurately monitor and maintain the required temperature for anywhere from 1-12 hours, depending on the situation. Powerful blowers such as the grey and blue devices you see above help to circulate air throughout the room(s) infested with bed bugs, making sure the surface temperature of everything within the area being serviced is consistent and effective.




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