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Thermal pest eradication, known simply as heat, is an alternative form of pest control that involves safely raising the temperature of an affected area to a level no pest can survive.

Aside from being an effective non-toxic pest control method, heat is unique in that it can be used to treat specific areas or entire structures. The affected area may be a wood beam, attic, whole home, hotel bed or hotel room, large processing facility, or just about any area affected by unwanted pests.


The days of tenting and dangerous chemicals are over.

Heat is a technological and environmental breakthrough that is proven effective in non toxic pest control. Heat is not new. In fact, it has been used to rid structures of pests since the 1900s. But today, as Methyl Bromide continues to be phased out and other chemicals become less appealing, heat is gaining popularity as a natural pest control product and recognition as a viable and safe alternative to chemicals and fumigants.

Prochem ProActive is a fully trained and licensed pest control company offering  ThermalPestEradication process for homes and businesses. We are your integrated pest management partner.

Give us a call today. In Southern Nevada, dial 702-636-8571.  In Reno and northern Arizona or other areas, call toll-free 866-674-7779 to learn more about our non toxic pest control alternative, from a highly qualified pest control company. Thermal pest control is the alternative form of pest control for those interested in organic pest extermination or non toxic pest elimination that is proven safe and effective.

ThermalPestEradication is a registered trademark of ThermalPestEradication.  Prochem ProActive, Inc is fully licensed and trained to offer ThermalPestEradication services in Reno and Las Vegas, NV, as well as extermination services in Northern Arizona.

Our services as your Bed Bug Exterminator in Las Vegas can’t be beat. See how the ThermalPestEradication system stacks up against traditional, toxic chemical treatments:

The Cost of Treatment Traditional Chemicals
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Financial Cost:
$200 Per Room per Treatment
(2-3 treatments required)
$60-$120 per mattress
$1 to $2 per square foot
Time Cost (Time out of your home):
2 to 4 hours per treatment
(2-3 treatments required)
Plus cleanup of residue
6-8 hours for Propane treamtent
12-24 hours for Electric
Preparation Time:
Heavy infestations require throwing away mattress, box spring, furniture, head board.
You need to wash ALL clothing in hot water and bag it for treatment.
Light infestations may allow you to save your belongings.
Protect food preparation and serving surfaces
Remove heat-sensitive belongings, like candles, plants, and medicine.
Clean All Laundry and Clothing: $50-$75 and Untold Hours
Health and Safety: Ongoing debates of safety and lingering health complications Heat treatment can also kill bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold as an additional benefit of treatment!
Total: $1,000-$1,500+ Call today for your free evaluation! Open 24 hours.
Toll-Free (866) 674-7779

We offer all of our services for Bed Bug Extermination in Las Vegas, NV and neighboring areas from Henderson to Summerlin and beyond. We’ve expanded into the industry of Bed Bug Extermination in Reno, NV and gladly will travel to kill Bed Bugs in Kingman, AZ and other Northern Arizona cities.